Code of Conduct

  1. A persons identity (including, but not limited to - race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion) must never be treated as a punchline or a matter that is up for debate.

  2. Every member of our community is equal and worthy of respect, as are their opinions and boundaries.

  3. Assume best intentions at all times; people are hardly ever aiming to be offensive.

  4. Keep any physical contact safe and socially appropriate.

  5. Listen with an open mind if somebody else speaks up.

  6. Play to the top of your intelligence and integrity.

How will this be implemented?

Any report will be reviewed by the Dogface management team.

How can I share a concern?

If you have any concerns or experience any behaviour which you deem inappropriate, please get in touch with a member of the Dogface management team:

Chris Read - [email protected]

Danny O'Hara - [email protected]

Mark Womersley - [email protected]